*Found* Looking For a Specific Tony is Kidnapped Fic


I read this fic a while ago, so pardon me if it seems a little vague.

These are the details I remember reading:

— Peter Parker centric
— Tony Stark is kidnapped and held hostage in a pocket dimension by OC (I feel like her name was Maura or something)
— Prior to his kidnapping, he was threatened and sent to court by General Ross over the phone and letter that Steve left for him
— Peter goes to Wakanda for help finding Tony
— Peter gets really mad at Cap and punches him yelling "I'm his f***ing son!" (or something of the like)
— Doctor Strange comes in and helps save Tony
— After Peter blows up at Steve, Bucky tries to empathize with Peter
— Peter and Shuri share vine jokes
— OC has a backstory and is a sorceress
— I think it was posted on AO3 but I can't be sure

I'm hoping someone can find the fic I'm looking for!

Thanks so much!

Here's the fic: The Waterspout